Non-Police – Chapter 1: Caught

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The author has something to say:


Again, this novel may not have any three views[1]. If the content does not align with your core values, for example, causing you discomfort, quickly leave. Don’t embarrass yourselves, friends. (›´ω‹ )Everyone should read this novel with satisfaction.

The police setting is for the plot. There is no disrespect for police officers. Long live understanding! PS: The slaps might be the most painful thing in the whole novel.

[1] This is a translator note and clickable

three views: can be translated as “worldview”; the three views are: view of the world, view of your life, view of the way you value things; generally represents your opinion about everything

The translator has something to say:

Do not read this if you’re under 18!

Definitely take the author’s warning seriously, and please don’t read this if you’re uncomfortable with NSFW, rape, BDSM, yuri, violence, or abuse. I will add the author’s trigger warnings (TW) at the start of each chapter. You have been warned.

Also, this is my first time translating Chinese novels. I have started a few other series but never came to continue them, as they had too many chapters and I’m a busy OL irl 😥 However, as this only has 24 chapters and 2 extra chapters, I thought I could use my one-week vacation to start this and get as much as possible done.

Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Without further ado, let’s go lesbians, let’s go~

TW: Violence, suffocation

Xu Qinghe opened her eyes, catching the fearful darkness. There seemed to be something blindfolding her eyes, not letting any ray of light penetrate through.

I’m going to be killed.
This is the first thought that came to Xu Qinghe’s mind.

She’s a police officer from the second detachment of the criminal investigation team. In this half of the year, she had been involved in investigating a serial murder case that shocked the whole country. The police had invested a lot of police force but still found nothing — until today. They found a bundle of fibers in the suspect vehicle.

“Xiao Xu, quickly take this back and let the technical division analyze it.” The bearded team leader Liu Guoquiang was obviously excited. The criminal suspect was very cunning and had solid anti-reconnaissance skills. This tiny bundle of fibers might be the key to the whole case. This discovery is like a glimmer of hope. Although weak, it still undoubtedly brings great comfort to these officers.

“Roger, I’ll go back now!” Xu Qinghe was also excited.

This case is her first participation in a really big case, unfortunately also her first difficult one. The whole police force worked for half a year, without results. They had no choice but to ask for support from the top ranks. After such a long time, they finally had some clues, how could she not be happy.

In the end, on the way back, while driving the car, she was stopped by another car. The moment she opened the door, she only saw a blurred figure leaning over, and then she passed out.

The blindfold around her eyes was tied in a tight knot at the back of her head. It bound her hair, making her scalp hurt immensely, and forcibly pulled her out of her memories. With the cloth stuffed in her mouth, she tried to shout but could only make a weak, slurred groan.

Her hands were tied above her at the back of her head, captivating very tightly. The rough rope cut into her skin, causing sharp pain. No matter how much she struggled, there were no signs of the rope loosening. The legs were in a similar state. Apart from being firmly fixed at the chair legs, they couldn’t be moved either.

After that, Xu Qinghe began to become scared. After all, she was just a 27-year young woman, fairly without much experience within the police department. Yet, due to her father Xu Zeyuan being the former director, everyone was concerned about her.

Now she was alone, tied up by a vicious serial killer in a place she didn’t know, unable to shout, unable to scream. What can she think of?

After struggling for a little while, an overwhelming sense of fear surrounded her. Xu Qinghe’s head was full of information about the suspect. She had researched them[2] all night, from the killer’s way of murdering to the killer’s dealing with the whole murder, all showing the killer’s cruelty and fierce determination.


using neutral pronoun until their identity is revealed 😉

Like a lamb ready to be slaughtered, she was firmly tied up to the gallows, just waiting for the butcher’s knife to be placed around her neck. Her heart squeezed into a ball, not even daring to shiver.

“Dad, I’m sorry…” Xu Qinghe muttered in her heart.

Xu Zeyuan died at his post.

It was ten years ago, on her 17th birthday. Xu Zeyuan rolled off a cliff in his car while pursuing a suspect. Late in the evening after her study session, she couldn’t wait for her dad’s cake and blessing. Instead, she was greeted with the cold news of his death.

Xu Zeyuan was her hero from childhood to adulthood. After her mother died of illness, Xu Zeyuan had to take care of her. He was the upright chief of the police department. Therefore his image grew stronger and stronger in her eyes. After learning of her father’s death, she secretly vowed to inherit his bravery, fortitude, and justice.

Whoever thought that she would die here in the end.

Both blurred and clear memories flashed in her head. Xu Qinghe’s eyes were filled with tears. They just flowed out, sucked away by the cloth wrapped around her eyes, making it dripping wet. Together with the wind, it got cold.

Suddenly footsteps resounded.

Tack, tack, tack.

The soft leather heels touched the ground. Wrapped in an intense smell of blood, arriving with some whistling from quiet to loud. Xu Qinghe’s heart was knocked by the sound. She was stunned, her body tense. Then she turned her head in the direction of the visitor. Even her face was terrified.

The sound was getting closer and closer, finally closing in on her and quieting down. She knew K was right in front of her. The intense disgusting smell of blood that surrounded them made her shiver uncontrollably.

K was the code name of the killer.
Neither she nor the entire police department knew K’s gender.

K lowered their head with some playful look towards the trembling little toy in front of them. Xu Qinghe obviously trembled from fright. Her tears hadn’t dried out yet, and her face showed a sense of loss, yet she stubbornly tilted her head to perceive K’s direction. Cute.

Xu Qinghe would make a good toy.

K was a little impatient.

They gave in and tore off their blood-stained surgical gloves pretty quickly and then casually threw them into a suitcase not far away. K lifted their hands cautiously and caressed Xu Qinghe’s slender neck. Then loosely pinched under her chin, their voice actually a bit dull: “Wanna guess how you’ll die, Officer Xu?”

Xu Qinghe was horrified.

She had no impression of this voice. She couldn’t even distinguish between male or female. A neutral voice with a dull and lazy tone, not at all like the voice of a psychopathic serial killer would have.

The neck was grasped, their dry fingertips loosely pressed on her skin, so she instantly got a lot of goosebumps. Her head unconsciously pulled back, but that just made it easier for K to press her head against the back of the chair.

Xu Qinghe’s fingers carved into the armrest, her joints using so much strength that they became pale. Wearing this police uniform gave her a virtuous look, which just added more to the desire to break her mind ruthlessly.

Xu Qinghe responded with small groans, showing that she couldn’t speak nor respond to K.
She wanted to stall for time, at least while she was alive and could fight back.

K’s long fingers were teasing her like an uneducated child playing with a newly received toy. They pressed both lightly and firmly on her neck’s skin, occasionally sliding over her carotid artery. Touching it, poking it, scratching it, rubbing it. It was so itchy that Xu Qinghe almost couldn’t bear it.

Just when she was terrified of what K would do to her next, that hand suddenly tightened. The fingers firmly clutched around her neck. Her throat was pressed fiercely, and for a short moment, no air could flow into her mouth and nose.

Xu Qinghe’s eyes widened abruptly. The air was taken away from her lungs, causing her to feel an overwhelming sense of suffocation. She failed to draw the little remaining oxygen and began to feel dizzy due to its lack. She gradually lost consciousness and could only struggle to make a few broken syllables.

K hooked their lips and looked at the woman shaking in front of them. They waited for her to almost have a physical spasm before loosening their force. Their fingers still rested weakly on Xu Qinghe’s neck. Because of K, the flawlessly fair neck was stained with reddish bruises, creating a sense of flirtatious yet abusive beauty.

The air rushed into her mouth and nose. For the first time, Xu Qinghe understood the value of oxygen, and for the first time, she got so close to death. As soon as she breathed air, she coughed pathetically. Because her mouth was covered, the dull cough sounded like it would burst out of her chest. Mixed with the uncontrolled flow of tears, they fell into K’s eyes and ears together.

Maybe it was because of how Xu Qinghe coughed awkwardly. K grabbed the cloth in her mouth and pulled it out. The sickening pressure on her tongue disappeared, and Xu Qinghe immediately retched and coughed up.

“Cough– cough– who are you…cough–!” Xu Qinghe hung her head and asked with difficulty. Her throat felt dumb, and her voice was so rough that it was almost inaudible.

“You think I would tell you?” K responded indifferently, their palm inserted into the hair at the back of Xu Qinghe’s head. Then they held her hair and pulled back, forcing Xu Qinghe to face themselves: “Didn’t I ask you to guess how you’ll die?”

Tears came out from her eyes, wetting the cloth and finally running down Xu Qinghe’s cheeks. They wet both sides of her cheeks until they finally hung on her chin. Trembling, like a puppy that fell into the water, dripping wet and shrinking into a ball. So pitiful.

“So misbehaving.” K uttered this line word by word in a gentle tone, yet Xu Qinghe felt her blood running cold.

She was so terrified. Fear mixed with confusion made her tremble in K’s hands. She understood that she was a police officer and shouldn’t be scared like this. Even if she died, it would be an honorable death. But in the face of death, she couldn’t help it.

“Do you know why I am looking for you?” K asked dully.

Xu Qinghe was stunned for a moment and then remembered the bundle of fibers — the hope to solve the whole case. Since K was asking, does it mean the fibers have been removed or destroyed?

She raised the corners of her mouth. At that moment, she didn’t know whether to be scared or to feel guilty for her carelessness.

Mindlessly, K stared at that pathetic and small person in front of them and lowered their eyes. Xu Qinghe really looked miserable. Seized by fear, like a small and weak pet, held in the palm of K’s hand. Turns out she was too fragile, actually arousing a bit of pity from them.

With a sneer, K grabbed her hair in one hand, and with the other, they calmly removed the buttons of the police uniform one by one.

Xu Qinghe hadn’t calmed down yet and was still panting slightly. Her chest trembled from her gasping for breath. The milky-white color below her neck seemed to make people’s teeth itch. Since K’s emotions were aroused, they didn’t even think much and immediately tore off Xu Qinghe’s clothes, completely exposing her before their eyes.

A pair of not too big breasts hanged down well-behaved, just like how Xu Qinghe herself sat there obediently. Looking down from this angle, one could see her beautiful skin, a not-so-deep cleavage, together with two blushing dots on her breasts. They were enough to satisfy people.

Such a body in this ruined environment created a sense of contradiction, vainly giving birth to a cruel beauty. It provoked K’s desire to destroy her more, like staining Xu Qinghe’s body with blood or leaving scares on that beautiful chest.

“What’re you going to do…” Realizing what was about to happen, Xu Qinghe’s expression changed from confusion to fear, and in the next second, she struggled fiercely. Like a fish stranded ashore, helplessly wiggling her body intensely: “Let go of me…! No! Go away!”

K grinned evilly. The policewoman’s struggle couldn’t loosen the fastened ropes at all. They just smiled and appreciated her for a moment before stretching out their palm, like looking forward to it, and grabbed one of the snow-white breasts next. Then they squeezed it firmly.

“Get lost! You… cough– cough– pervert!” Xu Qinghe still tried to resist; her eyes widened weakly behind the blindfold. Her face that was flushed earlier from suffocation suddenly lost its complexion, becoming deathly pale. All that was left was her trembling lips to keep K away from her.

“Get lost?” K repeated playfully, their voice uncanny with a bit of ruthless determination: “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“Hm?” K emphasized their tone, released their hold from Xu Qinghe’s chest, and then slapped her cheek violently, knocking her head to one side.

The severe pain exploded from her cheek, and that slap directly made her snap back to reality. In front of her is the most vicious serial killer, and she would provoke them again?

Her cheeks were scorching hot and painful. They must be swollen. Xu Qinghe’s body suddenly trembled, and she turned her face back. Her bloodless and thin lips were bitten to bleed. She could only speak breathlessly with a hoarse voice: “I beg of you…don’t…”

She abandoned all her dignity, almost begging.

“I advise you to think about how you’re gonna die.” The voice was mixed with disdain, mocking her despisingly: “Surrender so easily?”

A hand grabbed her jaw forcefully, so much that Xu Qinghe thought her jawbone was going to be crushed: “Officer Xu, I haven’t played enough yet.”

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