Non-Police – Chapter 6: Interest

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TW: R*pe, bondage, toys

Not knowing where she was, apart from K’s intimate and obscene warnings in her ears, Xu Qinghe could still faintly hear the song of cicadas. Those cicadas chirped so loudly in the summer sun. It must be a beautiful day outside with bright sunshine and a slight summer breeze.

She, however, was confined in this place, being at K’s mercy. She could only lie on this bed and wait for her end.

Only one wall separated her from the outside world, but the difference between the two worlds could not be more tremendous.

Even though it was summer, she could feel the piercing cold.

K saw her tense jaw, not knowing what she was thinking, and frowned in dissatisfaction. Her fingers slid from the handcuffs down her arm and finally stopped at Xu Qinghe’s chest. She slid on them gently and slowly poked them, her tone relaxed: “Office Xu seems a bit lost in thought. Why don’t we talk about my murder?”

Her fingertips twisted the flower buds that stood erect on Xu Qinghe’s breasts, pressed on them neither too lightly nor too hard, pushed them down, rereleased them so they would pop back up again. She kept teasing Xu Qinghe’s upper body for a while before continuing: “I tied up the secretary to the dining chair and then used a knife…”

She hooked her lips and stared right at Xu Qinghe’s face. Her fingers twisted around the tips of her nipples and then pinched them: “…to stab him into his neck.”


Suddenly, Xu Qinghe’s eyes widened. Her upper body bounced up on the bed, only to be pulled back due to the handcuffs. Sharp pain emerged in her chest like needles penetrating her most sensitive places, forcing her to straighten up and lean towards K’s palms, trying to ease the pain.

Beads of sweat already hung on the side of her face. Xu Qinghe trembled and thought of pulling back her hand to cover herself, yet the metal cuffs were stuck on her wrists, bruising them with deep marks. Even her skin was red and swollen in some places from repeated scraping. Finally, she understood what K meant by that hypocritical reminder[1].


See last sentence of ch5.

“It hurts…let me go…ahh!”

The intense pain that came from her desperate struggle knocked the handcuffs to the bedhead, causing repeated thuds, which annoyed K greatly. She willingly released the strength in her hand and flexibly flicked the red, swollen bean with her fingers: “It hurts? Then why is this so hard?”

With a light chuckle, K leaned down and wrapped the small, erect nipple with the tip of her tongue, as if comforting it, just to bite it in the next moment, grinding on it bit by bit: “Officer Xu, do you understand the pleasure of killing?”

K vaguely continued: “The tip of the knife cutting into the skin feels really good, and the blood spurting out looks truly beautiful.

Her tone was as casual as if she were saying, “Today’s breakfast was pretty good,” yet, the content could be so terrifying, never mind her heaving chest. K’s cold-bloodedness was a mystery to her.

Xu Qinghe’s whole body kept trembling uncontrollably. She couldn’t understand whether it was due to K’s actions or words. She just gritted her teeth, pursed her lips, and tried to hold back embarrassing groans of pain.

Only after a long time did K release Xu Qinghe’s nipple. The tip was red, swelled to a brighter color, and trembled lightly in front of her eyes. The saliva added a rosy sense of moisture, arousing sexual desire.

Her hand was already long on Xu Qinghe’s belt. K bent her fingers and flexibly unbuckled it, then glanced at Xu Qinghe’s wrists, which were scarred by the handcuffs from earlier. She pondered for a while and decided against releasing them.

After all, the enjoyment from a trapped beast comes from its struggle, and the fiercer the struggle, the better.

The room was cool enough to keep out the summer heat, yet Xu Qinghe felt like she was being enveloped in fire. Her body was so soft and hot that it was unbearable. K’s scorching breath went down her waist, igniting her desire like a flame.

Xu Qinghe’s clamped legs were quickly pulled apart by K. Her hands grabbed Xu Qinghe’s ankles, and with just a little strength, she easily parted her legs.

K raised her eyes to keep staring at Xu Qinghe’s legs. Unable to hold back, she rubbed the opening of the flower hole with her fingers, twirled them lightly, and observed the wet stain on her fingers, which evoked an ambiguous smile: “Why is Officer Xu so sensitive today?”

She leaned down to lift up Xu Qinghe’s tight deep valley with one hand and probed in with her other hand, watching the hole swallow her fingers bit by bit.

Xu Qinghe tensed up, and her legs pulled apart in a shameful arc. K’s words still tormented her ears, and all she could do was bite her lower lip forcefully, forcing herself not to make a sound to salvage her pitiful pride.

Her hole kept sucking in, so much that Xu Qinghe could even feel herself falling deep into the abyss of nothingness. Her body started to thrust towards the foreign object to take it in, sending out moist, warm bodily fluids that poured on K’s fingers against her will.

“Officer Xu, I didn’t know you were quite the slut.” K narrowed her eyes and moved her fingers to find the sensitive bulge and pressed against it right away. The sticky fluid wrapped around her hand and made wet sounds as she moved.

“Aahhh…! You… Get out!”

Xu Qinghe curled up like she had been electrocuted, screaming and struggling under K. Her legs reflexively kicked at K with such fierce movements that K almost couldn’t hold them down.

The repeated stimulation of her sensitive spots brought about a bone-deep pleasure that frightened Xu Qinghe. She was afraid of succumbing to desire — afraid of drowning in the ocean of lust by K’s movements, so she had to escape.

But…she couldn’t.

K had a cold face. One of her hands kept swaying Xu Qinghe’s waist while the other kept pulling out and thrusting in hard again, dancing on Xu Qinghe’s tense nerves. She even added another finger, making it three fingers stirring together. Xu Qinghe tightened so much that K even distorted the truth: “Officer Xu, you’re biting so hard. Do you like me that much?”

Suppressed low moans, screams, wet sounds, the clang of handcuffs hitting the bedhead, all mixed together — it wasn’t hard to imagine what a lewd scene this was.

Her lower abdomen began to twitch under K’s fingers, and sensing the contraction of the canal, K paused her movements and suddenly pulled out her fingers. All the thick fluids poured out and dripped down from the mouth of her hole.

“Ahhh–…Haah…haaah..” The moan that had been so high-pitched dropped abruptly, like the closing notes of an aria. In the end, Xu Qinghe could only fall on the bed in vain and gasp for breath.

“What? Do you feel wronged that I didn’t make you come?” K straightened up and looked down on Xu Qinghe’s sweat-covered face, watching her face surging with emotions. Xu Qinghe’s mouth was slightly open as she breathed, so K instinctively pushed her fingers into her mouth, forcing her to lick them clean.

Xu Qinghe’s eyes widened in confusion, but all she could see was a blur of darkness. K’s teasing voice approached lowly next to her ear: “I have a little present for you.”

The next second, an ice-cold object touched her tender pink hole. Xu Qinghe’s pupils suddenly contracted, just to realize that she was still shackled firmly to the bed and unable to move, so she could only let K press the round object into her body.

“No… This really can’t fit…I beg you…please, don’t…” Xu Qinghe’s heart was as cold as ice — as if she had been soaked in ice water in the deepest winter. Her voice trembled beyond recognition, and a single clear tear dropped down again.

Her lower body was pulled open forcefully, and K turned a deaf ear to her pleadings while shoving in the object for a bit.

“Relax, or I don’t care if it[2] breaks here.” K’s hand pushed slightly harder, and the object got stuck at the hole entry. The soft hole that had been tight, delicate, and narrow was stretched out until it was taut. Every single wrinkle was stretched tightly, continuously sucking on the object.


I think it’s the hymen.

Xu Qinghe felt like she was being split open by something. The persistent pain and fullness took over all her sense so intensely that one couldn’t tell whether the trembling drops on her cheeks that wetted the pillow were tears or sweat.

“I…can’t…” she choked, obeying almost mindlessly, even as far as spreading her legs by herself.

Xu Qinghe turned her face away. The low sound of cicadas chirping in her ear got farther and farther.

She felt like she was going to pass out again.

K lowered her head and tapped the object, as if to make sure that Xu Qinghe really couldn’t fit it in any more before giving up. Instead, she turned to the small and delicate clitoris and pinched it, then rubbed it with two fingers.

The pleasure of climbing to the top engulfed Xu Qinghe again, and even the tiny hole faintly contracted. K kept fiddling with the small bulge while watching Xu Qinghe tremble, before she suddenly pushed the object in with great force.

With a “plop” the object got swallowed, and the hole closed violently, only leaving a narrow mouth that contracted.

A strange sensation overcame her — the feeling of fullness stretched in her bottom, and Xu Qinghe moaned with wrinkled brows. The bursting pleasure accompanied by pain flooded up her bottom. Followed by weightless dizziness, her consciousness was on the edge of fading away.

“Did you enjoy it greatly?” K patted Xu Qinghe’s soft hair tenderly until her fingertips stopped on her eyes for a second.

For a brief moment, she suddenly had the urge to look into Xu Qinghe’s eyes to see if there was fear or pain in those tear-stained eyes. However, after hesitating shortly, she quickly removed her hand and flexibly uncuffed Xu Qinghe’s right hand.

Just as K was about to withdraw from Xu Qinghe’s body, a trembling hand grabbed the corner of K’s hem — fingers clenching it tightly and refusing to let go.

K raised an eyebrow and stared at Xu Qinghe, her tone flirtatious: “Can’t let me go?”

Xu Qinghe was about to pass out. Her body was so tired and weak that she couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore. She had a hard time keeping herself conscious. Yet, the moment she grabbed the hem of K’s shirt, she stammered: “You… can punish me… but don’t… don’t hurt… my colleague any more…”

“I beg of you…”

Then her fingers slid down bit by bit, and finally her body dropped onto the bed powerlessly.

“You’re worried about her?” After a moment of silence, K’s face softened a bit, and her movement paused for a second before she pulled a strange smile. She moved forward and pressed her soft lips against Xu Qinghe’s ear. Her voice was soft and fleeting, slowly invading Xu Qinghe’s mind:

“Officer Xu, don’t worry. From beginning to end, I’ve only been interested in you.”

The author has something to say:

Oh dear, Officer Xu is so pitiful. Being sold and still counting the money for them[3] (sigh). Did the writer kowtow to Officer Xu today? Yes! Sumimasen[4]!

The novel’s title is one of those my friends wouldn’t be interested in reading when passing by, so it’s hard for me to name it. I can’t write something like “Vicious Killer with a Ball” (the ball is the secretary’s head) or “The Personal Killer of the Delicate and Attractive Police Woman” ಥ_ಥ


idiom: If you’re being sold and still count the money for your traffickers, you’re clearly being exploited without realizing it.


Sumimasen: Japanese for apologizing formally.

The translator has something to say:

I actually had a hard time putting the title into proper English, like, it’s not a word that actually exists. The first hanzi means something like the prefix “un-, in-, im-” or “non-“, and the second hanzi in the title just means police. Oh well.

Also…Happy Halloween while it’s still not midnight here?

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