Non-Police – Chapter 8 – Medal

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Do you still remember the information about the people killed by K?

Ji Zizhong was taken aback for a moment and then nodded: “Of course. What’s wrong?”

Xu Qinghe looked at the silhouette of her side face and slowly started to talk: “The first one is Ding Maosheng, chairman of Jianghe Industry, who was found to have molested underaged girls many times, suspected of speculating in cultural relics and transporting illegal goods. The second one is Jiang Zaigong, the manager of Tuanjia Real Estate, suspected of being in arrears with the employee’s salaries, forced demolitions, and acquisitions of real estates. He made many people’s families bankrupt and homeless. The third one is…”

Xu Qinghe reported the basic information of seven or eight victims killed by K in one breath, so fluently that Ji Zizhong even had to give her a slight glance sideways. After Xu Qinghe finished recalling, she quietly said:” All of these people used various means of connections to bypass the law. They deserve to die. If it weren’t for K, they might not have gotten any punishment for the rest of their lives and live in peace.”

She looked at Ji Zizhong’s jaw that was shaping a good-looking arc against the light. Xu Qinghe was silent for a long time but still asked in a low voice: “Do you think… K did the right thing?”

The hand that held the small object pressed slightly on it, with her thumb grazing it smoothly. Ji Zizhong was silent for a moment, replying frankly: “I don’t know.”

With half of her face buried in the shadows, she slowly said these words: “All I know is that no one can execute justice by themselves instead of having a lawsuit, even if your motive is good. Since K chose to do this, they should also take responsibility for their actions and bear all the consequences. That includes getting arrested by the police.”

With these words, she smiled and turned her face from the bathroom, repeating it once again like she was seriously making a commitment: “I promise you that I will help you catch her. Believe in me.”

Xu Qinghe just sat on the bed and listened to the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom. Then she looked around, somewhat perplexed. With only the lights of the floor lamp, it was too dark all around. She frowned and flicked the switch at the bedside, instantly lighting up the whole room.

Soon after, Ji Zizhong came over carrying the object and spread out her palm to show Xu Qinghe. The drenched and translucent thing laid there in Ji Zizhong’s hand. Although it was nothing, Xu Qinghe’s face still looked embarrassed.

“It’s silicone.” Ji Zizhong poked at it and stated the fact straightforwardly. She then took out a small knife and looked at Xu Qinghe: “Can I cut it open?”

After Xu Qinghe nodded, she walked to the table and pressed the small ball with two fingers. She held the knife with her other hand and cut down very skillfully. Xu Qinghe watched her movements and somehow thought of the “killing process” K had described to her, but after slightly shaking her head, she dismissed that strange thought.

Ji Zizhong wasn’t as arrogant as K.

It didn’t take long for Ji Zizhong to pull a flat, round and golden badge out of the object — neither of them was strangers to it.

“This…” Xu Qinghe took it and examined it under the light carefully. It was a second class medal awarded by the police — a very early design from twenty years ago, relatively small, not polished, with quite the old-school feeling. On the back of the medal, small crooked lines were cut in sharply, and after carefully identifying it, Xu Qinghe’s face suddenly grew pale.

“This is my dad’s… The characters on it are my dad’s initials.”

Xu Qinghe’s hand that was squeezing the medal trembled slightly. She looked back at Ji Zizhong in confusion and mumbled to herself in a daze: “My dad has many medals with his initials similarly marked on them… Why did K give this to me? And what does she have to do with dad?”

Ji Zizhong lowered her eyes and looked at Xu Qinghe for a while before saying softly: “Maybe it has something to do with the old Chief. We can check the files of the cases he handled tomorrow. Maybe we can find something.”

“I prepared the hot water. Won’t you go take a bath?” Ji Zizhong stretched out her hand towards Xu Qinghe. The bright red wounds on her wrist were still a bit sinister: “Do you want to go together?”

Xu Qinghe looked at her wounds and pursed her lips. Only after a long time did she make up her mind and take Ji Zizhong’s hand — the red marks on their wrists matched. She nodded, and her tone was concealing a bit of begging: “Stay with me.”

Hot water poured down from the top of her head, and hot steam rose in the small bath. Xu Qinghe stuck to Ji Zizhong’s back. Her soft body and Ji Zizhong’s smooth back fit together nicely. She sighed and kissed Ji Zizhong’s nape delicately.

Ji Zizhong stayed quietly in the water and let Xu Qinghe move. Hot water flowed down their bodies, but Xu Qinghe’s kisses were hotter than that — burning her skin and heating up her whole body to the point of her inside igniting a fire.

Xu Qinghe’s fingers slid down from Ji Zizhong’s shoulder, slowly caressing her back. A slight tickle came from her fingertips until Xu Qinghe embraced her in her arms, her lips, shivering and held back, stopped on her shoulders — kissed her bit by bit.

“It’s okay, Qinghe.” Ji Zizhong tilted her head and put her hands on Xu Qinghe’s wrapped around her waist. Her fingers circled Xu Qinghe’s wrist with gentle force. Her tone was soft as usual: “Just do what you want to do.”


After hearing these words, Xu Qinghe trembled, carefully opened her mouth, and lightly tapped her teeth on her shoulders, and after hesitating just for a bit, she bit down hard.

“Mhhh…” the dull pain made Ji Zizhong groan softly, but she still loosely circled Xu Qinghe’s wrist, gentle and affectionate, tolerating Xu Qinghe’s every move without reservation.

Her teeth dig deeper and deeper into her skin, the pain acting like an aphrodisiac in this misty air. Then Xu Qinghe broke away from Ji Zizhong, hands wandering over Ji Zizhong’s body slowly but steadily. With all the hot water wrapped around her, the flames of desire ignited within her.

Ji Zizhong’s breathing became heavier and heavier. Her sweat from her temples soon mingled with the water droplets. Xu Qinghe squinted her eyes, her teeth grinding on Ji Zizhong’s shoulder for a while before reluctantly letting go. After seeing the row of teeth marks, her eyes dimmed for a moment, and then she tenderly licked them with the tip of her tongue.

Her soft and warm tongue licked the bite marks while Ji Zizhong closed her eyes patiently. She hung one hand to her side and squeezed them to a fist while the other hand grabbed Xu Qinghe’s hand that was on her waist and led her up: “Here… Touch it.”

“Okay.” Xu Qinghe muttered and lifted her hand from the command to cover Ji Zizhong’s chest and then kneaded it obediently. When she felt the bud slowly become stiff in her palm, she twisted it a few times, let it go, and moved down again.

Her fingers cut through the water and slid a charming trace on Ji Zizhong’s skin. Finally, she held the side of her waist and brought Ji Zizhong’s hips into her arms, as if she wanted to embrace someone between her arms. Ji Zizhong felt her roundness squeezing on her back and the two not-so-soft buds rubbing slightly against her back — with a tingling sensation spreading from behind.

“Turn around…” Xu Qinghe whispered into Ji Zizhong’s ears softly while using the tip of her tongue to make circles on her auricle. She occasionally probed into her ear, imitating certain thrusting movements. The sound of lewd wet noises sounded in Ji Zizong’s ear, forcing her to raise her chin and tremble.

Her body was turned around by Xu Qinghe, and as soon as Xu Qinghe looked down, she saw Ji Zizhong’s collarbone heaving up and down from her breath. She gritted her teeth after some messy fragments flashed in her head, then moved down slowly and then bit down.

The pain made Ji Zizhong grunt again. She looked down at Xu Qinghe’s wet head, smiled, and joked: “Are you a dog? You’re so fond of biting people.”

“Huh!” After reluctantly letting go of Ji Zizhong’s body and licking it a few more times, Xu Qinghe licked her lips before looking into Ji Zizhong’s eyes with an innocent expression: “I want to bite somewhere else. Is it okay, Officer Ji?”

“Of course.” Ji Zizhong curled her eyebrows and hugged her into her arms. Her eyes avoided Xu Qinghe and looked behind her, landing somewhere dark. An inexplicable smile flashed in her eyes: “Just do what you want.”

Xu Qinghe was obedient and pecked Ji Zizhong’s chin for a while, then raised her hand to turn off the constantly running hot water, and then slowly bent her knees to kneel down. She lifted both arms and placed them behind Ji Zizhong’s hips, raised her head and glanced at Ji Zizhong’s expression, and then kissed her below.

The soft tongue delicately traced and outlined the shape of Ji Zizhong’s petals, and with it came the gentle pleasure. Ji Zizhong lowered her gaze and could only see half of the girl’s well-behaved face with half-closed eyes serving herself, yet the movements were gentle and focused.

Xu Qinghe’s hands didn’t rest either. They kneaded Ji Zizhong’s butt slightly, her fingers parting her butt cheeks. Then she poked in the hole in her butt crack and caused Ji Zizhong’s lower body to leap up with vague pleasure.

“Mmhh… Ah…Qinghe… Ah…” Ji Zizhong moaned subconsciously. Xu Qinghe’s tongue already parted her petals, licking and poking at the entry of her hole for a bit before probing in. Her soft tongue became rough but not hard inside her, repeatedly thrusting in and out, touching her sensitive bulge again and again.

Xu Qinghe heard Ji Zizhong’s low moans and watched her thighs tense up and relax, and a wonderful sense of satisfaction emerged in her heart. Her tongue found the clitoris and flicked it a few times, then sucked onto it with her mouth, and before Ji Zizhong could moan, she deliberately bit on it gently with her teeth.

“Ahhh…!” Ji Zizhong’s lower body shook violently, her thighs tensed up, her knees softened, and she couldn’t stand firmly. She was carried by Xu Qinghe and retreated to the bathroom wall, leaning against it like a helpless body. The cold wall pressed against her hot body, making her shiver, but the next second, Xu Qinghe flicked her there again.

“Little dastard…” the hand that hung down suddenly raised and caressed the back of Xu Qinghe’s head. Ji Zizhong controlled herself and pushed her head into her body. Xu Qinghe’s lower half of her face was squeezed under Ji Zizhong that way. She still sucked obediently, making Ji Zizhong’s panting heavier and heavier.

It was overflowing down below, and streams of hot liquid ran down her inner thighs unveiled. Xu Qinghe’s chin was wet and slippery, and she noticed the contraction in Ji Zizhong’s lower half. Then she just sucked and bit her slightly.

With a “buzzing” sound, Ji Zizhong felt something suddenly split open, and a strange yet familiar paralyzing feeling of pleasure swept over her like a heatwave. By the time she reacted from her disorientation, Xu Qinghe had already let go of her and embraced her waist.

“Satisfied?” Xu Qinghe leaned forward and asked her for a reward with gleaming eyes — like a petite animal begging for a treat. Ji Zizhong put her hand on her back, resisting the urge to press her into her arms, and tried to show a gentle smile: “Of course, I’m very satisfied.”

The author has something to say:

I’m going to make up for what I missed on May 1st. I guess this novel will probably end around twenty chapters. It shouldn’t be too long… (probably)

When will Xu Qinghe find out Ji Zizhong’s identity? Ahaha– If I don’t know it, Ji Zizhong will be forced to be schizophrenic(›´ω‹ )

If you have any comments and suggestions, you can tell me in the comments. Thank you all for your comments and likes, hope you have fun reading~

The translator has something to say:

I’m very sorry for the long hiatus I took. I just couldn’t find the time to juggle translating with all the other stuff going on in my life. However I met an amazing friend through this novel, so at least I want to give back to it by translating this to the end. I will not drop this, even though sometimes I might seem like I disappeared. I will work on it when I have the time.

Thank you for reading.

PS: Also the tune for translating this chapter was “Dreamcatcher – Poison Love”. It’s a very catchy trance tune.

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