Non-Police – Chapter 7: Disobedience

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As soon as Xu Qinghe opened her eyes, she saw a small, fine key lying peacefully not far away. Like last time, she was neatly dressed and even had a thin blanket around her waist.

Her left hand was still handcuffed and locked in an uncomfortable position at the bedhead. When Xu Qinghe stretched her hand, she saw the scarlet and terrible scars on her wrist that covered her fair skin — it stung a bit.

After seeing these wounds, the events that happened not long ago slowly returned to her mind, rubbing a tingling pain on her dull nerves.

Only after a moment of daze did she reach out for the key tremblingly, but as soon as her fingers touched it, she let out a muffled groan of pain.

The so-called “present” was still stuffed in her bottom, causing her such severe pain. Just lying there, she could feel the intrusion of the foreign object making her uncomfortable. Already the slightest movement caused it to squeeze inside, bringing forth a wave of soreness from her small hole that would make her go limp.

So she had to pull out this “present” by herself? From there?

Pursing her lips, Xu Qinghe frowned as she inserted the key into the handcuffs to free herself. Only then did she realize that the handcuffs were hers, so it wasn’t hard to guess that the other handcuffs that were previously attached to her other wrist were Ji Zizhong’s.

Then her heart trembled when she thought of Ji Zizhong.

Before she passed out, she heard K say that she was only interested in her, so either Ji Zizhong got spared — or she was killed like the secretary. The more she thought about this, the more anxious she became, yet the more anxious she became, the more frightened she got. So it was not surprising that her shaking fingers holding the key slipped off several times from the lock.

With the handcuffs removed with great difficulty, she jumped straight out of bed and pushed the door open, catching sight of Ji Zizhong being handcuffed to the catty-corner stairs. Her mouth was duct-taped, her hair scattered around her shoulders, and she was leaning against the stairs in such a frail manner. The moment she saw Xu Qinghe, her eyes suddenly lit up — her gaze with both surprise and joy.

“Ji Zizhong…” Xu Qinghe ran over to her. Seeing Ji Zizhong being alright, the weight on her heart was finally lifted.

Quickly pulling off the duct tape, and just right after the handcuffs were unlocked, Ji Zizhong embraced her tightly around Xu Qinghe’s waist. She paused next to her ear for a long time before sighing emotionally: “…Good thing nothing happened to you.”

“They didn’t do anything to you, did they?”

A slightly trembling voice clearly revealed Ji Zizhong’s nervosity. Xu Qinghe was hugged tightly, feeling the warmth of Ji Zizhong and her hot breath on her ear. A few strands of messy hair brushed against her cheek — ticklish.

Her mood slowly calmed down.

Xu Qinghe opened her mouth, but in the end, she could not speak out. She relaxed her body and let herself go soft between Ji Zizhong’s arms. Just when she wanted to say something, she saw a glimpse of a body tied up in the corner of her eye — it was the secretary curled up and struggling.

She was astonished and frowned — somehow puzzled. Finally, she said with her cold stare: “How is the secretary still–”

The words stopped abruptly in the middle of the sentence.

As if she noticed her stiffness, Ji Zizhong glanced back at the secretary and carried on for her: “Nothing happened to the secretary. When I woke up, I saw him already tied up there.
Ji Zizhong even raised her lips: “What’s wrong?”

Xu Qinghe’s body stiffened. She slowly broke away from Ji Zizhong’s embrace and gripped the railing — so hard that the veins on the back of her hand popped up blue, spreading down her wrist and finally to her red scars.

“Nothing happened to him?” Xu Qinghe thought over with a low voice, her expression obscure.

So K was lying to her?

K was actually lying to her?!

It was clear that the police had made no mistake in the target to investigate, but Xu Qinghe still felt her anger rising, her eyes burning with rage. She clenched her fists and watched Ji Zizhong silently walking down to untie the secretary, then going to call the police station.

When Ji Zizhong returned, she raised her head and saw Xu Qinghe frozen in place.

A hint of mockery flashed in her eyes, but Ji Zizhong quickly calmed her expression and walked forward, gently tapping the back of her stiff hand. Her tone was soft: “What’s wrong? Captain Liu will bring someone over soon, we’ll also go…

“I’ll go home later.” Xu Qinghe loosened her hand, picked up the handcuffs that were thrown aside, and handed them back to Ji Zizhong: “Keep him company. I’ll go and clean up the room first.”

Without waiting for Ji Zizhong’s response, she already turned back and slowly walked inside, only to say these words to desperately cover up, but they just made it worse: “K must have cleaned up this time too… So I don’t want to let them know.

“Qinghe?” Ji Zizhong furrowed her brows and pulled her hand without thinking: “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Don’t touch me!” as a reaction, she shook off Ji Zizhong’s hand, trembling like she got electrocuted. A faint pain came from her lower abdomen again, and Xu Qinghe’s eyebrows twisted together. When she saw Ji Zizhong just staring at her blankly, she was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do, but softened her tone: “I’ll talk to you later. Can you leave me alone for a while?”

Since Xu Qinghe insisted, Ji Zizhong could only nod and watch her walk into the room worriedly, waiting for the door to close completely before exhaling an annoyed sigh. She turned her wrist and glanced gloomily at the red marks that she had deliberately caused.

Things didn’t go as expected. Xu Qinghe seemed to be more resilient than she had imagined. She thought the little girl would hurriedly throw herself into her arms.

Xu Zeyuan, your daughter is so much better than you.

Retracting her gaze, Ji Zizhong coldly glanced at the frightened secretary sitting in the living room downstairs. Her mouth evoked a slight smile. The secretary’s life was a gift to Xu Qinghe.

She didn’t understand it herself, but when she was holding the knife, she saw Xu Qinghe’s face appearing in her mind. There was an indescribable hesitation, and in the end, she just teased her Officer Xu.

She leaned against the handrail and pondered until Xu Qinghe suddenly pushed the door open again. This proud policewoman had her brows wrinkled and her eyes full of tears, as if she had made up her mind. Her trembling fingers grabbed her sleeves tightly, and then she muttered these words, trembling over each word: “Ji Zizhong… h–help me…I–I can’t take it out.”

Ji Zizhong heard herself moan from pleasure internally, but on the surface, she frowned and gave a confused look. Then she nodded, her expression meticulous. She placed her hand over Xu Qinghe’s, and grasped it — her expression gentle: “I told you already. No matter what, I’ll help you.”

She was hesitant to tell Ji Zizhong about the matter. After the two informed Captain Liu, who arrived to take over, Ji Zizhong drove them to her home.

Her home is not big. There are only two rooms: one is a bedroom, and one is decorated as a home theater — usually closed. When they arrived home, Ji Zizhong pulled all the curtains. The thick curtains covered all the light from outside, leaving only the lights of a floor lamp. The light was neither dim nor bright.

After washing her hands, Ji Zizhong stepped out of the bathroom. The water ran down from the back of her hands onto the wooden floor, dripping on it bit by bit. With the colorless liquid staining the dark red floorboard, the color got darker and darker under the light.

Xu Qinghe’s felt sicker and sicker, her sixth sense always telling her something was off.

“Don’t be nervous.” Ji Zizhong gave her a soothing smile and wiped her fingers clean. Then she half-kneeled between Xu Qinghe’s legs, both hands on her knees to reassure her: “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”

Pursing her lips, Xu Qinghe nodded and closed her eyes to avoid looking — her long eyelashes trembled slightly while she spread her legs.

Ji Zizhong chuckled silently. One hand pulled Xu Qinghe’s leg wider apart, and the other hand slowly probed towards the center. Suddenly she asked: “Why did you help me?”

“What?” Xu Qinghe tensed her body after hearing what she said, and was slightly confused.

“K told me that you begged her not to hurt me.” Ji Zizhong twirled her long fingers lightly and tapped the wet mouth of her hole: “Why? Why did you help me? What if K really did something to you?”

She spoke softly, as if she didn’t understand, but also as if she couldn’t believe it. She just repeated the question twice, yet her hand didn’t stop moving. It circled lightly around the heart of the flower a few times and then pushed in.

The movements made Xu Qinghe quiver and she had to resist the urge to clamp her legs, the muscles in her thighs tensed up greatly. With one hand supporting herself up from behind, and with the other hand curling up weakly, she ended up leaning on Ji Zizhong’s shoulders. Xi Qinghe moved her tongue around and quickly replied: “Because I’m a police officer.”

“Since I’m a police officer, I have to do my best to protect others, right? What’s more, you’re Ji Zizhong, my colleague and comrade-in-arms. Even if it’s a citizen, even if it’s that secretary, or one of those that are victims to evil deeds, as long as I can, I will protect.

“A police officer…” Ji Zizhong’s eyes flashed a trace of contempt, and the fingertips that probed into the canal spread apart a bit, pressing on the round object inside Xu Qinghe.

“Ahh…be gentle…” The object got pushed in, rubbing Xu Qinghe’s body softly and making her utter a muffled groan. The fullness in the center of her legs had gradually adjusted to it, leaving only soreness, and even pleasure, overflowing with the slightest touch.

As much as Ji Zizhong wanted to tease her little toy again, she didn’t have the heart to do so. She lowered her face and grabbed the object with three fingers and unerring precision, using some force to pull it out.

“Wait…!” Xu Qinghe hung down from Ji Zizhong’s shoulders powerlessly, and she sweated a bit under her wrists, which stained a patch of her police uniform a bit darker. She groaned quietly, as if suppressing her emotions, her tone trembling somewhat excessively: “It’s swelling so much…”

“Relax a little, it’ll be over soon.” Ji Zizhong pressed one hand on Xu Qinghe’s lower abdomen and rubbed it slowly while grabbing the object with the other hand and pulling it out. The slightly red and swollen hole contracted, and it took a while for the object to get pushed out slowly.

Xu Qinghe panted lightly, and her sweat completely soaked her back. Ji Zizhong held the object and stood up. When lowering her eyes and looking down at Xu Qinghe, she presented the object stained in water in front of Xu Qinghe’s eyes: “There seems to be something inside.”

“I’ll go wash it. You…should rest first.” Ji Zizhong took the object and turned around to walk to the bathroom, only leaving the view on her back.

“Ji Zizhong!” Xu Qinghe suddenly called out to her.

Ji Zizhong didn’t turn around, just slightly tilted her face to show half of it, as if she was waiting for Xu Qinghe to speak. The light shone on her back, adding a somewhat surreal and empty feeling to her, and for a split second, it made Xu Qinghe feel a bit vulnerable.

“Do you… remember the information about the people who were killed by K?” Xu Qinghe sat on the bedside with her hands supporting her. She felt that something was off again, so she couldn’t help but delve further into it. Who exactly was Ji Zizhong?

Why did she always feel something was off about Ji Zizhong? Where did this come from? She thought with a frown.

The author has something to say:

I went to the beach on May 1st and only got home last night, so I’m really tired from traveling. I apologize for not updating these days, but I’ll make up for it in the next few days.

After reading the comments, I still want to explain some things. I have repeatedly typed warnings in the text/title/author’s notes. Since this was the case, why do you have to click on here if you don’t like it and accuse the novel of being a “straight man pushing porn”, “H for the sake of H”, and “not correct three views” after reading it? I can’t argue against these, I can’t, but I’m sorry that you might not like it.

I can only say that the ending will not be a happy ending in the traditional sense. There are a lot of things about Ji Zizhong (or K) that I haven’t written out yet, so her character is not developed enough yet. But it seems that she did kill a lot of people and raped Officer Xu, so it’s hard to go for a sweet ending. [ Ji Zizhong: It’s just human nature to like people like me (not).jpg]

However, I think the outline for the ending is reasonable and not too abrupt, so don’t worry about it. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to write more than one ending if I’m not happy about it, but now that I’m the one writing the story, I can do that.(›´ω‹ )

I’ll say these things again: This novel is a “wrong morals but a bit upright H-text”. Proceed with caution and I won’t repeat it later. Thank you for all your likes and review suggestions, and I hope you all have a great May Day~

The translator has something to say:

Well, I haven’t seen any negative comments so far, so thank you for that! I of course understand that this novel isn’t for everyone, but since you’ve stuck with me until now, I guess it’s not that bad…right? ;D

So after reading through a lot of meaty texts (meat = porn in Chinese) lately, I say this novel is still one of the better ones with plot. I also have noted down a few more novels I enjoyed while browsing the whole Yuri tag on Haitang/Po18, which I really want to translate after I’ve finished this one. However I want to focus on finishing this one first, since I know how many novels get dropped halfway and/or await updates after months.

Though as I warned before, I’ll probably aim for weekly releases since I have a few games I want to play too. I bought “Foul Play” today, which is a VN about a detective and an assassin. Premise sounds quite…similar to Non-Police (without all the rape stuff), lol.

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  1. Thank you for bringing us non-poilice!!! Like it so much…. Hope you will bring us more….. In this arc is it the sad ending or happy ending arc??

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    1. I’m so glad you like it! I will do my best to bring you more 🙂
      There’s only one plot line but two different endings, so the last two chapters are one ending, and then the two extras take the other possibility. One can choose the ending they’re more comfortable with. I hope that helps to ease your mind!


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