Non-Police – Chapter 4: Commitment

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“…You kiss me, okay?” Xu Qinghe almost begged, and Ji Zizhong looked at her with pity in her eyes.

“Don’t be like this,” she said, “Qinghe, you shouldn’t be like this.”

Xu Qinghe furrowed her eyebrows confusedly, as if reflecting about Ji Zizhong’s words. Her mind was in disarray – like a rusty gear that could barely run anymore.

“I don’t understand…” Xu Qinghe mumbled quietly. Her long and slender fingers grabbed Ji Zizhong’s lapel, messing up the dark police uniform, but she didn’t care. She climbed into Ji Zizhong’s arms, and her tone dropped several pitches: “Can’t you kiss me?”

“Xu Qinghe.” Ji Zizhong nearly sulked. She stared at Xu Qinghe’s face for a long time, finally sighed, and then covered Xu Qinghe’s eyes with her hand to block the gaze from those eyes. She lowered her head to find her lips.

Xu Qinghe’s lips were wet, with a touch of coolness which was rare in summer. Ji Zizhong bit her lips and sucked on them wildly. The tip of her tongue rolled over, and she only let go when it hurt a little. Wet and hot breath brushed against Xu Qinghe’s cheek. Ji Zizhong kissed her way over from her cheek to her earlobe.

When she felt Xu Qinghe suddenly twitching, Ji Zizhong revealed a shallow smile, “How can you catch K like this? Are you so scared that you forgot your identity?”

“Do you remember that you’re a police officer?”

“Officer Xu?”

Xu Qinghe suddenly opened her eyes wide, making her eyelashes brush against Ji Zizhong’s palm. Before Ji Zizhong could remove her hand, her wrist was already grabbed firmly by Xu Qinghe. Ji Zizhong’s whole body was easily turned and pressed against the wall in a blink of an eye. Xu Qinghe clutched both of Ji Zizhong’s hands with one hand, while the other hand grabbed the back of her neck. Her strength was a bit scary.

“Enough,” Xu Qinghe clenched her teeth, emphasizing word by word: “Stop it.”

Ji Zizhong’s whole body was pinned against the wall. She turned her face sideways, and half of her cheek showed a triumphant smile: “You’re way worse than your father.”

Xu Qinghe’s expression instantly darkened, gloom surging across her face. The tip of her tongue, which had been sucked to the point of raw pain, pushed against her upper jaw. She held Ji Zizhong’s shoulder and pressed her to the bed ruthlessly: “Stop talking!”

Ji Zizhong just barely supported herself and watched Xu Qinghe approaching closer. She looked at the haze in Xu Qinghe’s eyes getting thicker.

“…Don’t mention my dad.”

Laying above Ji Zizhong’s thighs, she evasively bowed her head to kiss her so fiercely that the wet sounds, mixed with the sound of heavy panting, didn’t stop for a long time.

“Don’t mention him.” She didn’t know how long the kiss lasted before Ji Zizhong pulled back with a low gasp. She sighed lowly next to her ear: “I’m sorry, I just wanted to help you.”

“Xu Qinghe–” Ji Zizhong stared at her buttoned-up collar and raised her hand to unfasten it with ease: “Want me.”

The police uniforms were taken off and tossed aside. The belt was quickly unfastened, so the two of them touched skin-on-skin under the dazzling light without any cover. Xu Qinghe sucked on Ji Zizhong’s collarbone with swollen red eyes from crying, which just added to her charm.

Ji Zizhong leaned against the bed, lowered her eyes, and gazed at Xu Qinghe’s face for a while before reaching out behind her head to untie her hair clip. The long ink-black hair covered her shoulders instantly. A few strands of hair still fell on the side of her cheeks and scattered around her ears.


The tip of her breast was taken into Xu Qinghe’s mouth while Xu Qinghe half-kneeled on the bed. She kissed her way down with a face full of sincerity. Her palm supported Ji Zizhong’s side and squeezed at the two things around her shallow cleavage.

When Ji Zizhong looked down, she could see Xu Qinghe’s bare shoulders, dazzling white under the light. Before she could react, her fingers had already moved behind Xu Qinghe’s back. Her strength wasn’t small, as if she was going to tense up and press Xu Qinghe down in the next second.

“Ah…don’t push so hard…” Xu Qinghe tilted her head to look at Ji Zizhong. Her eyes were mixed with a bit of anger and dissatisfaction, as if she was complaining about Ji Zizhong’s action. Ji Zizhong’s bright red nipple was already hard from all that licking and stood up playfully in the air below her chin. The whole picture was charming and erotic.

“Sorry.” Ji Zizhong hid her emotions and took away her strength calmly. Instead, she gently probed down her bare back while her fingers flexibly teased Xu Qinghe’s sensitive spots.

This body always made her want to break it — really not good.

Xu Qinghe knew nothing of her thoughts, and after having complained, she dutifully lowered her head and continued to lick and fondle Ji Zizhong’s body, allowing herself to forget all the unpleasant memories by immersing herself in sex.

The tip of her tongue slid all the way down. The pure sensation of running down her belly made Ji Zizhong almost unable to hold back herself as she raised her hand and pressed it against the back of Xu Qinghe’s head. Her slender fingers dug into Xu Qinghe’s black hair. Even her fingertips trembled from pleasure.

“Qinghe…mmhh…give it to me…” Her hips rose high, and she reached out to pull off the obstacle on her lower body[1], only to be firmly held down by Xu Qinghe. Confusedly, she lifted and opened her eyes to look at Xu Qinghe, just to see her kissing herself down her firm lower abdomen. Xu Qinghe bit her trousers and pulled them down bit by bit.


Apparently they didn’t remove everything before. She’s still wearing pants.

“Mhh…” Ji Zizhong kept panting hard and tried to clamp her legs together. However, Xu Qinghe forcefully pulled them apart again to reveal her trembling petal pouring out wet liquid, just waiting for her attention.

Slender, white fingers rested on Ji Zizhong’s thighs. Xu Qinghe only hesitated for a moment before kissing them. The tip of her tongue then teased Ji Zizhong’s covered petal, diving straight into the slippery, warm body fluids. Her tall nose rested on her flower pit, tickling Ji Zizhong with the slightest movement.

“Mhhh…ah…slow down…” Ji Zizhong’s fingers curled up powerlessly, her palm still gently placed in Xu Qinghe’s hair. Following each of Xu Qinghe’s movements, her body kept rocking up and down. The main culprit kept looking down on her lower body — like a kitten licking its milk, both earnestly and delicately. Ji Zizhong felt that her lower abdomen was about to ignite, and beads of sweat were hanging on the side of her hair.


The ringtone suddenly rang in the room. It was the mobile phone at the end of the bed. Xu Qinghe paused her movements and lifted her head to look at it. She released her hands squeezing at the soft thighs, grabbed the phone with some fingers, and handed it over to Ji Zizhong: Forensic Division.

After taking a couple of breaths, Ji Zizhong wiped off the sweat from the corner of her eyes and picked up the phone: “Hello, Ji Zizhong here.”

Ji Zizhong propped herself up with a somewhat serious expression. Xu Qinghe didn’t know what they were talking about. She titled her head and waited for a while, slightly licking the corner of her lips boredly. Ji Zizhong’s taste still lingered in her mouth, so without thinking much, she went down again and pushed her tongue inside to explore.

“…Mmmh–!” caught off guard by her entering, Ji Zizhong gave a muffled groan. Her hand shook so much that she could barely hold the phone anymore. Zhang Yuanqing on the other side asked her confusedly what was wrong. After slowing down her breath, she spoke slowly: “Nothing, go on.”

Hearing this, Xu Qinghe provoked her with her finger. She probed at the wet entrance for a while and finally entered at once — skillfully bent fingers fucked her soft part inside.


Suddenly, Ji Zizhong bit her lower lip and tried her hardest to suppress the moan that was about to come out. Her neck was stretched excessively, and even her breasts bounced along slightly.

Zhang Yuanqing over there paused a bit after hearing part of the rustling and decided to continue: “…so the higher-ups still intend to ask Captain Liu to bring more people to interrogate, so we can avoid alerting the enemy.”

Her hand grabbed Xu Qinghe’s shoulder hard. She tried to resist the bone-deep pleasure, straightened up her body, and tried to ignore the fingers that were thrusting in and out of her: “Wait…for me… I’ll go by myself first thing in the morning.”

“Will you go alone?” Zhang Yuanqing scratched his head.

Ji Zizhong was specially sent to the police department from above. Although she’s very active in this case, she’s only a civilian officer who looks frail and weak. The police wouldn’t be able to afford another accident like Xu Qinghe.

“Ah–… Xu Qinghe–… Xu– Officer Xu will also accompany me, so don’t worry… I’ll talk to the higher-ups.”

Ji Zizhong felt like she was about to go crazy. The constantly built-up pleasure was nagging at her sanity bit by bit. When she hung up the phone, her hand lost all her strength and fell down, with the phone dropping down next to her leg. She saw Xu Qinghe propping up her body and thrusting her fingers back and forth when she looked down.

“Little dastard, I didn’t let you continue just now.” Ji Zizhong clenched her teeth in hatred, yet desire still prevailed. She straightened up her waist and moved back and forth along with Xu Qinghe’s movements.

“But it said it wanted to… Look…” Xu Qinghe pulled out her fingers, making the milky white fluid stirring up more and more thickly. It followed both of her fingers and finally dripped down slowly.

Xu Qinghe stared at the liquid intensely, not knowing what she thought of, blinked, and then thrust her fingers in hard again. Her movements were brazen inside Ji Zizhong’s body, causing her hips to rock back and forth intensely.

Xu Qinghe felt this and chuckled gently. Then she lowered her head and nibbled lightly on the eye-catching pearl, and then with another push–

“Ahhhh–!” Ji Zizhong’s eyes widened. Her fingers clung around Xu Qinghe’s head more and more tightly, and both of her legs shivered. Her body leaked out wetly.

“Not bad, hm?” Xu Qinghe wiped her hands on the bedsheets, slowly crawled up, bowed her head, and kissed Ji Zizhong’s somewhat blurred eyes. Her tone was much gentler than before.

“Not bad, ” Ji Zizhong reached out to embrace the person in her arms after giving Xu Qinghe her affirmation. Their skin was slightly moist from sweat, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. She buried her head in Xu Qinghe’s hair and inhaled deeply. Only after a long time did she talk to Xu Qinghe about the phone call: “We got the results for the bundle of fibers.”

Xu Qinghe laid calmly in her arms with her cheeks resting on Ji Zizhong’s crook of the arm. Her expression was shallow: “Well, it shouldn’t be K’s, right?”

“Indeed, it’s not K’s. It belongs to the victim’s secretary.” Ji Zizhong glanced down at Xu Qinghe: “I guess K wouldn’t leave this behind for no reason. How about we go and inquire together tomorrow?”

Xu Qinghe’s expression eased a bit: “Do you think I will catch K?”

“Of course you will.” Ji Zizhong’s face softened up. She then poked Xu Qinghe’s cheek with a smile: “I told you that I’ll help you.”

When she said that, her voice became lower and lower, even a bit unclear: “I promise you that I’ll let you catch her…”

The whole room was still lit brightly, yet, half of Ji Zizhong’s face was hidden under her hair’s shadow.

“What?” Xu Qinghe couldn’t hear clearly.

“Nothing.” Ji Zizhong lowered her hands: “I said it’s my turn now.”

The author has something to say:

I thought I’d mention this. At first, I had the idea to write K and Ji Zizhong vaguely so that no one would know about her identity except for me. But after thinking it over, I decided to drop it for the following reasons:

1) This isn’t a mystery novel. The objective isn’t to figure out “who K is” but “why K did it.”

2) This writing style is much more refreshing and easier to understand.

3) It’s more fun to watch Ji Zizhong tease Xu Qinghe from a God’s perspective.

(Again, I kowtow to Officer Xu ORZ)

I have my own considerations, so please be patient and wait for me to write (sob)

Also, I’m a bit short on ideas in my head. Do you all have any sex expectations for K? You can mention it and I’ll take them!

The translator has something to say:

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I can finally use female pronouns on K!

The author actually took some of the readers’ comments into consideration. You’ll see in the next chapters 🙂

Also I apologize for any awkward sounding phrases, it’s my first time translating porn, haha. I’m not native speaker and seeing the difference between my skill level and my English native speaker friends always discourages me. However, I love to spread Yuri and have planned big things for the future of this blog. The world definitely needs more hot Yuri action!

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  1. Why was her father brought up!!! Is ji zi a older woman or a younger woman who messed around with father and daughter??? I’m kinda confused 😕 about tht.


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