Non-Police – Chapter 2: Rescued

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TW: R*pe; proceed with caution

Xu Qinghe’s tears rolled down like glitter, falling onto K’s hand that was grabbing her jaw firmly.

Raising an eyebrow, K suddenly let go of their hand while looking at the wet traces on their fingertips with complex emotions. Then they licked them wildly.

So salty.

They looked at Xu Qinghe, who slumped in the chair, and the sympathy that had just emerged in their eyes disappeared instantly. Then they skillfully unbuckled the belt on Xu Qinghe’s waist expressionlessly. Xu Qinghe barely reacted. Her belt was already hanging down loosely. The metal buckle hit the chair legs, sending out an ear-piercing sound.

“Wait–…cough– cough–! You’re gonna kill me… ah–”

Before she could finish, K’s hand lifted her chin, and their fingers pushed in roughly. Their knuckles were stuck beneath her teeth. They pressed Xu Qinghe’s tongue so hard that she could only make a few whimpers.

“You talk too much.” K lowered their eyebrows, their expression indifferent while their fingers pushed into Xu Qinghe’s mouth roughly and then withdrew them again. They repeated this action many times, poking in and out of her mouth, making her feel the urge to retch. That, however was stopped again in the next second by K’s actions.

“One more word and I’ll break off your jaw and kill you slowly, how’s that?”

With just one sentence, Xu Qinghe was silent. She didn’t doubt what K said. The death reports clearly stated K’s murder techniques: dismembered corpses — killed sadistically. K must have tortured the victims for fun.

She forced herself to calm down and keep her chaotic brain awake. K likes to torture and kill, but none of the reports found any trace of sexual abuse during their lifetime. So why did K treat her like this? Because she was a cop? Because they wanted revenge? Because the police found a clue which angered K?

Xu Qinghe shivered.

In the end, it didn’t matter why. She was already tied up here and couldn’t move.

K still had the same expression, interestingly watching Xu Qinghe’s face changing with complex emotions. Then they pulled out their fingers, glancing at the drool with some disgust. Their fingers pulled around the waistband of Xu Qinghe’s pants and quickly ripped off the obstacle.

Xu Qinghe breathed faintly.

Her skin was quite fair, and her complexion didn’t get much darker, even if she ran outside the whole day. Especially her lower body, which was coated most of the time, was peculiarly fair. With the thin layer of muscles suddenly bulging, it was clear that Xu Qinghe tensed up. Because her legs were tied firmly, she was forced to widely open them and show the timid mound between her legs.

She bit into her lips so hard. Even though she couldn’t see anything, Xu Qinghe seemed to feel K’s burning gaze towards her. She struggled to close her legs, but the ropes only cut red marks into her ankles no matter how much she tried.

A feeling of intense shame and despair overwhelmed her completely, and strings of tears started to flow down again.

“Now you’re crying?” K asked indifferently, with a hint of excitement. Their hand grabbed Xu Qinghe’s thigh and pulled the tightly closed petals open. A cave of tender red flesh opened up to the dry air like that.

“Tch, Officer Xu…” K laughed lightly, their hands’ grip suddenly increasing. Before Xu Qinghe could react, K had already entered her body cruelly and roughly.

The pupils hidden behind the blindfold suddenly shrank, and the tearing pain from her lower body tensed her up instantly. Xu Qinghe winced in pain. She let out a short, sudden, and loud moan but instantly stopped, leaving only a few uncontrollable sounds that were overflowing from her trembling throat.

“How obedient.” K praised, their fingers flexing maliciously inside her, causing Xu Qinghe to groan a few times as if under torture. Looking up, K watched Xu Qinghe’s jaw tense up, and her two slender eyebrows were knitted together. Her whole face was openly showing all the pain she was experiencing at this moment.

Her hole bit dryly at K’s fingers, yet K just appreciated Xu Qinghe’s expression with a smile. Their rough fingers slid in with a bit of malice, then pulled out, just to be inserted back indifferently. It’s fun.

It was so painful that Xu Qinghe’s sweat and tears mixed and dripped down her cheeks. She leaned back in a dazed manner and thought how it’d be better to faint and die now than to be humiliated like this.

Slowly, a layer of white mist blurred her eyes. Xu Qinghe tried to imagine herself as some object to make her suffering bearable, but in the next moment, K’s demonic whisper dragged her back to reality.

K pulled out their fingers, grazed her cheeks and slid down, their low voice right next to her ear: “Can you feel that?”

K spoke slowly, word by word: “Officer Xu, you’re wet.”

If Xu Qinghe’s vision hadn’t been blocked, she could have easily caught the complex emotions hidden under K’s long, slender feather eyelashes when they said it. But she didn’t, so she just froze there, listening to the sounds that completely shattered what little dignity she had left.

“You’re like this, Officer Xu. Should I say that you’re exceptionally gifted, or were you born so cheap?” K sneered, casually flipping Xu Qinghe’s labia open, and then pushed their fingers in again.

“No–” Xu Qinghe was flustered and wanted to deny, but just when opening her mouth, K’s fingertips hit her bulge not too hard, mischievously repeating that for a while. Xu Qinghe was forced to take back her refusal. Her mind became both dizzy and muddled, and she struggled for a while before sending out a soft moan.

Xu Qinghe’s heart was lonely, and not even her bitter tears could take away her grief. Even after persuading herself repeatedly that her physical reactions were uncontrollable, by being awake and able to perceive her body, she was shamefully giving birth to desire under a rapist’s hand. Simply ridiculous.

K’s eyes raised a frivolous arc as they changed their position and moved their wrist, watching Xu Qinghe with satisfaction while knocking out some sounds from her. The dry fingertips were already wrapped in sticky hot wet fluids. A novel feeling of pleasure emerged in their heart.

There was a morbid smile on their eyes, so much that they couldn’t even hold back their laughter. While rubbing their hand on Xu Qinghe’s soft thighs, they listened to her painfully suppressed voice, half-kneeling, coming up and softly sighed into her ear: “Killing you doesn’t seem to be as fun as playing with you, Officer Xu.”

“Give me some more reactions, will you?” They said as they lightly bit on Xu Qinghe’s earlobe, their lightly floating nasal breath blowing next to her ear, causing her whole body to stick firmly against the chair. Her ears were so sensitive that the sound of the breath got amplified countless times. A sound that intimidated her.

“Scared?” Feeling Xu Qinghe’s low tremble, K chuckled and switched from her earlobe to her ear to nibble and dropped a slightly cool kiss on it. Their movements were so gentle that Xu Qinghe got a bit dazed.

Opposite the movements above, Xu Qinghe felt her lower body getting ruined as K kept thrusting in and out in wide strokes, their fingers tormenting her ruthlessly. All the pain gradually seemed to turn into pleasure, running from her legs into her nerves.

Xu Qinghe’s bangs were wet from sweat. “What do you want…”, she asked in a weak voice. Her whole body was so wet like she was just fished out of the water. Her police uniform was drenched in sweat and stuck on her back. Not knowing where the wind came from, it blew coldly. Even her butt that touched the surface left a water puddle behind.

Not knowing if it was just an illusion, her body became hotter and hotter, the heat surging up from below, dyeing Xu Qinghe’s eyes red. She blinked, yet her vision was still blurred and dark from the blindfold. The change in her body became more and more apaprent. She could even feel how her body was sucking on K’s finger.

This change made her suffer even more, but there was nothing she could do.

“Fuck you.”

K hooked their lips and said these two words. The tip of their tongue grazed Xu Qinghe’s cheek. Its touch was like a snake slithering across, causing a cold sensation to take over Xu Qinghe’s brain. She pursed her lips and tried to turn away, yet K turned back her head again. K’s thumb pressed on her lower lip, followed by her lips being lightly bitten and nibbled on as if teasing her.

Pleasure overcame her lower abdomen, and Xu Qinghe was close to fainting. Both soreness and numbness mixed with pain and pleasure quickly flooded out through her waist. Her lower abdomen spasmed uncontrollably, spitting out more sticky fluid under K’s fingers, biting down on them and not letting go. She could only whimper before losing consciousness again.

“Ah, no fun.”

K raised an eyebrow, pulled out their fingers and slowly stood up. The fingertips wrapped in water stains reflected the setting sun’s soft light, and she rubbed them to bring out tiny bubbles. With a shallow smile, K observed carefully and then took them into their mouth: “Oh…mmhh…”

“Xu Qinghe! Qinghe!!”

There were muffled shouts in her ears, mixed with noisy sounds. Xun Qinghe opened her eyes in a daze and saw the giant face of captain Liu Guoqiang moving closer to her to call out for her.

“Captain Liu…?” Xu Qinghe looked around astonishingly and shouted with a slight shudder: “I’m not… cough– cough–, I’m not dead yet…?”

“What? Dead? Don’t jinx it!” Liu Guoqiang saw her waking up slowly, so he promptly urged the doctor to come: “Here, someone come check!”

Then Xu Qinghe realized that she had been untied, the whole person hunched on the chair. She recalled the unpleasant events vaguely and looked down at herself in a daze. Her clothes had been put back properly, and even the wetness below her had been swept clean.

“Captain Liu, I…” she swallowed bitterly: “When you guys came… I– cough– how was I?”

Zhang Yuanqing from the forensic division who came over to help shook his head: “We just came and saw you lying here and just woke you up.” He looked at the terrible bruises on Xu Qinghe’s face and asked hesitantly: “Officer Xu, have you been mistreated?”

“No.” Xu Qinghe closed her eyes. She couldn’t even shed a tear now. She even thought it was all a dream. After all, how could K let her go just like that?

She dully rejected Liu Guoqiang’s question of “Do you need a stretcher?”, holding the chair to stand up and just when she used her legs, suddenly a tearing pain came from her lower body, silently shattering her wishful thinking.

“First go to the hospital and then go back to give a statement.” Liu patted her shoulder and hesitantly asked after a while: “Is that bundle of fibers gone?”

Looking at Xu Qinghe’s face and neck injuries, he also knew that K did something to Xu Qinghe. The objective wasn’t hard to guess, but he wanted to confirm it.

Xu Qinghe’s throat rolled, and she just wanted to apologize, but then felt something hard under her collar poking at her skin. She lifted her hand to remove it and then just froze in place for a while before stiffening up and replied: “…No, I still have it.”

The bundle of fibers stored quietly in the tiny evidence pouch in her hand, not even unsealed, was tucked under her collar by K.

K didn’t kill her, nor did she take the fibers.


Xu Qinghe handed over the fibers and followed the doctor down the hall. Each step was as if she was stepping on the edge of a knife. The pain reminded her over and over again of what K had done to her body. In the room next door was the victim. Many of her colleagues dressed in the same police uniform like her entered and left the room.

She suddenly thought of something and stopped the doctor, turned back towards Liu Guiqiang and said: “I’m not seriously injured. I was just grabbed a few times. No need to go to the hospital.”

“Captain Liu, can I test if there are any traces of DNA on my ear first?”

Xu Qinghe hung her head under the light, waited a long time before shuddering and mumbled: “K…may have kissed my earlobe.”

The author has something to say:

I don’t know what to say. Just kowtowing to Xu Qinghe, I’m sorry! ORZ!

When I write a fluff novel, I think of rough H. When I write rough H, I think of fluff. Oh, humans (me) are really weird.

If you like it, please comment. These will make me stay motivated. Thank you!

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  1. Xu Qinghe hung her head under the light, waited a long time before shuddering and mumbled: “K…may have kissed my earlobe.”

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  2. oh, my… i would’ve liked this if not for that nasty ‘tragedy’ tag. goshy. no angst, no angst but yas to K uwu


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